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This is instrumental music composed with synthesizers as a creative outlet for the artist. Blue Orion's talent of composition forged by the independent synthwave movement is what drives this site's content. It is a project that has spanned for over a decade with the tagline of, Made in the Milky Way Galaxy. Please explore the immersive sounds presented here.

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2016 The Illusion COMING SOON

illusion | noun | a thing that is or is likely to be wrongly perceived or interpreted by the senses.

The Illusion will be the first Blue Orion album to be exclusively available for purchase. Pre-order this greatly anticipated synthwave digital release next year.

2015 Halcyon

Melodies waning on a tide of naturally occurring sequences slip into a silent storm, ebbing slowly through the boundaries of subconsciousness.

2014 Through The Looking Glass

Dreamlike soundscapes that combine multifaceted synthetic layers to form alluring, yet mysterious atmospheres.

2013 Elemental Atmospheres

Seeking inspiration from nature, many terrestrial moods are conveyed.

2012 Analogue Experimental

100% analog. These unassuming works lay on the very fringes of electronic music. Aesthetic melodies are built upon simple structures.

2010 Ophion (single)

File this aberration under deep space: cosmically-induced synthetic layers of astronomic proportions are composed with a pattern sequencer to create a singular aesthetic. A striking sonic odyssey unfolds before the listener, just before returning them to the safety of their confines.

  1. Ophion HOT

2009 Interstellar Echoes

An esoteric space trek across the inescapably distant stars.

2008 Into The Blue

Electronic micro-harmonies interwoven through sands of thought traverse into the farthest uncharted reaches.

2007 Legends And Fantasies

Mysterious places of old await the intrepid adventurer in this set of conceptual tracks that adds dashes of enchantment and intrigue in equal measure. Deep in the foreboding woods, a path of glowing lavender mushrooms leads to an arcane fortress which guards a beautifully quilted magic carpet.

2006 Empire Of Stars

Drift through nebulas, glide through star clusters, and journey to unknown galaxies.

2005 Orange Memories

A spiraling mix of sound waves hurdles into the cosmos to create synthesis forged into harmonic matter.

2004 Centronix

A quantized reality strewn upon a blank canvas by a digital palette of gestalt numbers.


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Blue Orion Studio

A cutting edge studio lies at the very median of the Blue Orion music foundry. Various synthesizers (analog, digital, softsynth) are the primary means of composition during track conceptualization and production.

Synthwave wizardry with a lasting creative touch that will ensnare the vital senses.

This unique format infuses enduring synthesis with modern digital programming for a synth-laden repertoire. No desired sound is unattainable and no conceptual stone goes unturned. This is where creative alchemy is achieved. Finished pieces are arduously mastered digitally and then 24-bit rendered in 2-channel stereo using professional recording studio software.

Analog and digital audio signals are routed via USB to the CPU through a 48kHz data path. Field recordings are also utilized during the editing phase and rendered into the final mix.

  • Propellerhead Reason 8

    Software-based professional studio complete with soft-synth instruments and effects, sequencing and recording, and comprehensive mastering suite.

  • 2015 Minimoog Voyager

    Analog monophonic synthesizer featuring three oscillators passed through two classic Moog ladder filters, envelopes, and an expanded modulation matrix.

  • 2014 DSI Prophet 12M

    Hybrid synthesizer with digital oscillators and an all analog signal path featuring 12-note polyphony, an arpeggiator, and advanced programmability.

  • 2011 Moog SP

    Analog monophonic synthesizer featuring two oscillators passed through a classic Moog ladder filter, envelopes, modulation matrix, and arpeggiator.

  • 2007 Yamaha XS6

    Digital music production synthesizer with 128-note polyphony, onboard 16-track sequencer and arpeggiator, and studio grade audio I/O including digital out.

  • 1993 Korg X3

    Digital music workstation synthesizer with 32-note polyphony, onboard 16-track sequencer, and 3.5-inch disk drive; notable for its lush string sounds.

Field Microphone

Every studio should have a good purpose driven microphone on hand. This Mobile Field Recording Unit is comprised of a 24-bit digital recording device (with remote), internally powered preamplifier and high-quality polarized X/Y stereo condenser microphone.

It has been deployed to capture soundmark elements such as pouring rain, dripping fountains, and sounds of the night.

About Blue Orion

Tony Merlino has been exploring the melodic side of the synthetic spectrum for over a decade. Attracted to the synthesizer at an early age, uniquely crafted soundscapes soon came naturally to him. He takes inspiration from a wide range of electronic artists.

A soundscape's boundaries are set only by one's clever imagination.

His exposure to a diverse array of synthesis techniques, whether on the keyboard or computer, has resulted in a well-grounded understanding of electronic musicianship. The basis for every Blue Orion track lies within a single phrase that is expanded and then tonally layered upon.

The end result is a synthetically created finished piece that traverses time and space, presenting the listener with a sojourn into a visually imperceptible world.

Perhaps you or your organization would like to use an existing Blue Orion track exported to a higher quality format? Go with an original independent artist — Tony's pantheon of soundscapes is at your disposal.

  • Track Licensing: Simply get permission, give credit and link back to the official site!

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